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Chrysler - Luxury Sedan
RWF 10,400,000
Luxury 4 door saloon, full leather and wood interior, low, low mileage (63,000 km), excellent condition all round, well maintained, roomy and comfortable, front and back. Tinted rear windows, chrome wheels, two-tone silver paintwork, front loading 6 CD player, automatic with manual option. Powerful, sporty performance when needed, classic design all round.

Sold with a number of useful spare parts - all brake pads, including hand brake, silicon wiper, oil filter etc. Parts are easily, and cheaply, available on the internet (I will share details), no need to fear huge rip-off parts prices, or non-availability.

A veritable bargain for luxury motoring; probably the only one of its type in Rwanda.
Automatic with manual option
3.5 litre
June, 2004
63,000 km
Fully featured
chrome wheels, tinted windows, full leather, wooden steering wheel etc.