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Renault and Nissan to form a stronger alliance

Fri, 21 Mar 14 10:37

With the aim to achieve a more effective synergy, Nissan and Renault will implement convergence plans for key operational areas such as engineering and HR.

Renault and Nissan to form a stronger alliance

The alliance between Renault and Nissan was formed in 1999. Fifteen years later, the alliance is bringing the synergy to another level - with the aim of achieving a €4.3 million (S$7.57 million) goal.

The two automakers will focus on four main areas, namely Engineering, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Human Resource.

Newly appointed Alliance Executive Vice Presidents will also be responsible for each of these functions, and this will see the firms enhance their economies of scale and save on running costs. Just like Fiat and Chrysler, the Franco-Japanese alliance is headed by a single Chief Executive.