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2006 Toyota Prado VX

Toyota - Stationwagon
USD 10 000
2006 Toyota Prado 4.2 litre petrol automatic


Fantastic, Dubai import from 2014, with only 2 owners in Rwanda. A 4.2L Petrol automatic with just over 200,000 km on the clock but in great condition. A joy to drive with 2 fuel tanks for extended distance coverage, and excellent acceleration for bursts of speed to get around those pesky trucks on the hills.

Small built in fridge between front seats, electric windows, air-con, fuel consumption gauge, altimeter etc

Bought for $ 15,500 in 2018, selling for ONLY $10,000 now.

IT plates – additional duty of circa 8 million RWF payable for non-IT/CD status
Prado VX Limited Edition
4.2 litre
In Rwanda 2014
200,000 km
Full House
Small fridge between front seats, dual fuel tanks